Doreen Permanent Hair Removal


As women our life is dependent on how we carry ourselves. And there is only a small amount of confidence a lady can have if she has facial hair problem

I lost count of how many people mocked the fact that I had a hairy face. And to save myself any further embarrassment I tried several types of laser treatments but none of them was a permanent solution.

Miraculously an aunt of mine introduced me to Doreen Electrolysis treatment. I was ready to trust her instantly because of how she assured me that she would provide a lifelong solution. The fact that she gives us a certificate stamped by the ministry of health should be an assurance for those in doubt.

This treatment has been a life changer for me. I feel so blessed to be able to do the treatment. My face is now clear, soft and hair free. This treatment is a blessing and a miracle. Doreen deserves all of the trust they gets..